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Scotty 2 Hotty Will have surgery Tuesday in San Antonio on his
injured neck and will be out 9-12 months. He will be able to continue
his career after Dr. Youngblood releases him next year
On Smackdown Albert turned on Scotty so I wander what this means now?
From the Ross Report
Scotty Too Hotty will have his neck re-examined next week when the WWF travels through San Antonio. Scotty has yet to have any new damage done to the long-time neck injury he has been working through. Scotty Too Hotty may have to take a little bit of time off after his examination.
Scotty entered the Royal Rumble at number 12, and was the 12th person to be eliminated, not sure who eliminated him.At least he wasn't chokeslammed by Kane and Undertaker this time.
posted: 21/01/02


From: (Originally) Press Herald, Obtained from II cools II short fan
Birth announcement of Scotty's daughter from the Portland Herald Press:

Garland, Taylor Jayma, born Dec. 20 to Scott and Theresa Garland, Windham. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown, Clayton, N.C., Janet Garland and Ronald Garland, Westbrook. Great-grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Clindon Moody, Westbrook, Maurice Fowles, South Portland, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Garland, Westbrook.
posted: 19/01/02


Scotty 2 Hotty, Albert and Spike Dudley will volunteer for the Rhode Island Special Olympics on Feb. 8.
posted: 18/01/02
From: MCW


Pass out the cigars ... hold the Worm jokes
by Mike Fazioli

NEW YORK -- Scotty 2 Hotty rolled his eyes and sadly shook his head. There was that damn question again.
"No, she can't do The Worm yet," the proud new father said of his baby daughter, Taylor. "You're only the millionth person to ask me that."

Clich-ridden questions aside, Scotty was still beaming Monday night at Madison Square Garden, over three weeks after Taylor's birth on Dec. 20. The first child for Scotty and his wife, Terri, weighed in at a healthy 6 pounds, 13 ounces, and timed her big debut perfectly for her Pops. The episodes of RAW and SmackDown! shown over the holidays were taped on Dec. 21-22, but Scotty got to stay behind with his newly-expanded family.

There is, however, one benefit of being back on the road for the new father.

"I get to sleep in on the road," he said. "At home the baby keeps us up a lot, but on the road I get to sleep until noon if I want. I definitely can't do that at home."

Taylor's arrival also gives Scotty the opportunity to share his borderline-manic Disney obsession with someone slightly more age-appropriate. Taylor's room and closets are already amply-stocked with Disney paraphernalia, including a Dumbo costume for her first Halloween-which Scotty bought even before Taylor was born.

"I'm sure she's going to hate Minnie Mouse later on," he said.

Almost as much as he hates it when people ask if Taylor can do The Worm.

posted: 11/01/02
Congratulations to Scotty and his wife on their new baby girl, Taylor.

Scotty has sprained his wrist and will be out for a bit, hopefully not too long, as it appears that he is getting a lot of air time. It also seems that Scotty and Albert are a permanent tag team, Albert both has Scotty's music and he is now in his new video, ooo, well he's no Grandmaster but it's nice to see the WWF actually put Scotty on Raw and Smackdown.
Posted: 03/01/02


From Press Herald:
Scotty 2 Hotty is a WWF wrestler and a lifelong Mainer whose real name is Scott Taylor. He travels the country all year to take part in WWF events, which he readily admits are "prime-time soap operas" where half-naked men beat each other and berate each other. But Taylor's wife is expecting a baby around Christmas, so someday he'll be faced with the
same question as the rest of America's parents.
"Would I let my children watch it?" said Taylor, who lives in Windham when he's not grappling. "I don't think so, not until they're the right age. It's up to me as a parent to say, `You're not going to watch this.' " But Taylor, who will be wrestling for the Light Heavyweight Championship at a WWF event at the Cumberland County Civic Center on Sunday,also defends his profession. "During the day you watch a soap opera and the characters are in bed with each other, and kids are home during the day," said Taylor. "But nobody cares because they're not doing the ratings we are."

Note: Congratulation to Scotty and his Wife!


Scotty 2 Hotty consulted with Dr. Youngblood on Wednesday to address his neck problems. He has two herniated disks but the damage is not at a level that
requires surgery. He will be able to continue wrsetling.

Scotty will be hosting Smackdown In novmeber


Scotty is on the confirmed list of superstars who will be at Rebellion. Whoo-hoo. I wish I was going but hopefully will get to catch it on TV.
posted: 10/24/01


Scotty's neck problems have been reocurring lately. It is an injury he will have to live with like Stone Cold's knee problems and which may have to resort to surgery. Fingers crossed for Scotty that he keeps in good health and is able to carry on working at this time.
Scotty sore, but OK
In this week's Ross Report, Jim Ross wrote that Scotty 2 Hotty has been experiencing some inflammation in his neck over the past few weeks.

Scotty confirmed the story to, but says he's able to work through the pain.

Scotty missed four months this year, from March until June, due to a herniated disc and a bulging disc.

"It's funny because this is the building (Savvis Center) where I told them (about that injury)," Scotty said.

Back then, his spinal cord was in such bad shape that the pain shot down his entire left arm. But now, Scotty says that only his neck is sore, and it's not nearly as bad as it was last spring. He doesn't think he'll need to miss any ring time, and he even wrestled Sunday on HEAT.

posted: 10/23/01


Scotty and Albert will be doing signings at Spooky World on Ocotober 5th.
posted: 09/29/01


Congratulations to Brian, his wife is pregnant and expecting in October. Brian feels that this time he has off may be a blessing in disguise. Congrats to his family and I wish them lots of happiness.


From the Pro Wrestling Torch newsletter:
In a recent Jakked/Metal taping, Chuck Palumbo immediately kicked out after Scotty 2 Hotty pinned him. Scotty, who was trying to get his new second rope DDT over as a finisher, was said to be furious afterward. The match plans called for Palumbo to get his heat back by hitting Scotty with a superkick.Observers note that Scotty took the kick,
but then no-sold it by immediately standing up.
posted: 09/22/01


-- As reported before, Jerry Lawler and Brian Lawler (Grand Master Sexay) were both backstage at Smackdown! last night. Word is that Jim Ross was pushing Vince McMahon to re-sign them both, but ultimately it is Vince's decision alone. Speculation is that issues still need to be addressed because there are a lot of people who don't want them back.


Source: Wrestlingobserver
posted: 09/20/01


Not much new news, Scott is doing many matches on Heat and Jakked, I'm guessing until they can find a storyline for him to do.
Posted 08/23/01

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!